The Rhode Family History

compiled and written by Ellis G. Rhode in 1959

and updated by Dr. Robert T. Rhode and Ann Miller Carr beginning in July 2001 and continuing through August 2019

Also the Autobiography of William James Millikin

Finding your Rhode ancestors is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

1. Click here to access Ann Miller Carr's Gedcom files and find a name.

2. Read about Ellis G. Rhode's history from 1959.

3. Search Ellis's chapters to locate the name you found in Ann's files (Step 1 above).


The updated chapters from Ellis's history contain stories and other information not appearing in Ann's work.

This website contains proprietary research completed by Ellis G. Rhode, Dr. Robert T. Rhode, Ann Miller Carr, and others, all of whom have given proper attribution to their sources. If you must use information or research from this website on your own pages, on any online genealogical website, or in any written publication, Dr. Robert T. Rhode and Ann Miller Carr ask that you acknowledge "The Rhode Family History Website" as the source of your information.


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