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My paintings are for sale. (Some of the paintings shown here have already sold.) While several of my paintings have been purchased and are in private collections, I do not accept commissions; rather, I search for subjects that I find artistic, and I challenge myself to capture the lighting and the atmosphere. I am not attempting to document historical scenes; such work would fall under the category of commercial art.

I consider my Springboro paintings to belong in the category of fine art, as opposed to illustration or other forms of art that serve commercial purposes. I do not make copies of my paintings, and I do not sell prints of them.

I hold the exclusive copyright; my artwork cannot be reproduced without my consent.

Pastel paintings are not framed and will be mailed to customers, as explained in the “Gift Suggestions” section. For any of my acrylic-and-ink paintings that are being purchased, I collaborate with a custom framer to select only the best matting and framing because I consider such elements integral to the art itself. I can meet customers within a thirty-minute drive of Springboro, Ohio; otherwise, framed acrylic-and-ink paintings will be mailed to customers.

I do not paint from photographs. I paint from life and from creativity. Today, many artists copy photos. Great skill and a measure of talent are involved. Using pastels, I can make a copy of a photographic image so exact that my painting mimics the reality of the picture, but I consider such copying an avoidance of an artistic opportunity. I would much rather express such themes as my wonder at nature or my feeling that the present moment is a joyful leap into the future. Copying would deny these experiences that I deem more important. So I won’t copy photos. Instead, I try to share with viewers paintings far removed—abstracted—from reality but ironically conveying what is most real. I attempt to enable viewers to say, “I’ve been in places like this in the same conditions of light and weather. I am at home here.”

As a fine artist, I am recognized for my Asian-inspired ink paintings, sumi-e, ink-and-watercolor (or acrylic), and pastel paintings.





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