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My 30 Complimentary Greeting Cards

By Robert T. Rhode

One of the farmland values with which Robert was raised was to make things himself. He frequently designs his own greeting cards using his art and his photography. Occasionally, he borrows an illustration from an old-time magazine. Having worked as an illustrator, he enjoys creating visual expressions. Here are several of his cards that you can make. Simply print them, fold them, and write your note on the inside!
Horizontal Cards (after folding, fold is at the top) (PDF format)

This illustration appeared in the American Agriculturist in 1872.

Blue Bowl, My Photo




Cat Sleeping, My Sumi-e Ink Painting

I caught my cat Kiko peacefully napping!
Daylilies, My Photo

These flowers bloom beside my driveway.
Falls at Williamsport, My Oil Painting

This painting depicts the famous falls at Williamsport, Indiana. The painting itself is almost as tall as I am.
Field of Wheat

The New York Graphic Society produced this oil painting in 1935. A few years ago, I restored it.
Flowers in a Vase, My Photo

I collected these blossoms from the perimeter of my vegetable garden one morning.
Gulls, My Ink Drawing

I made this sketch for Mary Bush, one of my dearest friends.
Iris, My Photo

These flowers grow just outside my kitchen door.
Luna Moth, My Photo

I stopped mowing the lawn and snapped the picture of this newly emerged moth on a walnut tree.

Learn to photograph butterflies and moths.

Mug, My Photo

(This mug is my favorite for coffee in the morning!)

Peppers, My Photo

I grew them myself in my garden!
Pig Dark

William Curtis Rhode (1852–1931) purchased this sow for his farm near Pine Village, Indiana. I have the copper cut used to make the print.
Pig Light

This illustration appeared in the American Agriculturist in 1877.
Poppies, My Photo

I grew these poppies when I lived in Kentucky.
Pumpkins and Wagon

This was the frontispiece in Agriculture for Beginners, published in 1903.
Steam Engine, My Oil Painting

I based this painting on a photograph. My father is the boy standing beside the wheel. The others are his aunt and uncle.
Tulips, My Photo

These tulips graced the hill behind my house when I was living in Kentucky.
Sue Haley colorized this wonderful ad that appeared in The American Thresherman in 1904.
Vertical Cards (after folding, fold is at the left) (PDF format)
Cat and String, My Sumi-e Ink Painting

My cat Kiko was playful and kind: everything you could ask for in a cat!
Cat and Wicker, My Oil Pastel Drawing

See if you can find Kiko!
Cat’s Back, My Sumi-e Ink Painting

Prissy was a stylish cat. She was once lost for two weeks, but she miraculously found her way home.
Corn in the Shock

This painting, which was produced in 1902, appeared in Agriculture for Beginners in 1904.
Dog and Ball, My Sumi-e Ink Painting

Mitzi is always ready to play, but she will not share her ball!
Dog Sleeping, My Sumi-e Ink Painting

Ginger liked sleeping on her back.
Mark Twain, My Ink Drawing

As an illustrator, I have often created such sketches. Here, Twain is thinking about his character Huck Finn.
Pumpkins and Corn

Look carefully, and you can see a steam engine in the background. This painting was the frontispiece in Elementary Agriculture in 1923.
Sandhill Cranes, My Sumi-e Ink Painting

This painting is a bit too literal for a typical sumi-e work, but I employed the technique in creating the birds.
Steam Engine, My Ink Drawing

I made this sketch of a Nichols & Shepard engine that was frequently exhibited at the show in Pontiac, Illinois.
Window, Fruit, and Glassware, My Acrylic Painting

Sometimes, you just have to go contemporary!

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