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RHODE’S offers you books and eBooks for every occasion.

Robert T. Rhode is the author of award-winning books and eBooks ranging from fiction to nonfiction. His works are suitable for various ages from children through adults. He is recognized for his captivating stories, his easygoing style, and his weekly blog. His books are popular among readers who, like you, see themselves as belonging to the HeartLand.

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The Steam Tractor Encyclopedia *
(with John F. Spalding)
(hardcover )

Will yesteryear’s farms be forgotten? No! This hardcover
book features over 600 historical pictures of farm steam engines. To preserve our agricultural heritage, The Steam Tractor Encyclopedia is packed with stories. The New Expanded Edition is so much bigger and better that it makes the first edition obsolete.

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Hoosier Seasons Half a Century Ago
Free, 750 Kb, PDF

Robert T. Rhode has composed this prose poem about the seasons. The lines reflect his upbringing on a diversified farm in Indiana where he experienced the joys of rural life, not to mention the occasional struggles.


Maggie Quick *
(with Eleanor Y. Stewart)
(available as an eBook
or in hardcover )

This paranormal MG novel depicts the hair-raising adventures of a girl in an Irish-American village who must quickly discover her special powers before catastrophe strikes!

Robert T. Rhode took this photo of a luna moth, a mystical creature that figures prominently in the thrilling conclusion of Maggie Quick. He has incorporated the picture in a greeting card that you can personalize and print. Parents, you can guide your children ages 9 through 12 to discover butterflies and moths in their backyard or in a nearby park. Your kids can learn to photograph them and share their images with friends and family. They can use Roberts paintings of promethea moths to decorate scrapbooks, notebooks, or packages.

The Tarot of Winnie Millikin and Maggie Quick
Free, 200 Kb, PDF

Over several years, Robert collected the information reflected in these pages that describe a method for spreading Tarot cards and interpreting their meaning. In the novel Maggie Quick, there is evidence that the character of Winnie Millikin understands the Tarot and that she shares her knowledge with Maggie Quick, the title character. In this document, Robert shares his understanding with you.


An Origami Dragon You Can Make
Free instructions, 550 Kb, PDF

Readers of the novel Maggie Quick fear Aed-Brutag, a worm of fire (a.k.a. dragon). Robert T. Rhode, co-author of the book, has designed an origami worm of fire you can make. 


Portraits of Great Authors

Does your son or daughter need a portrait of a great author for a book review or school project? You can download several original paintings here!

Complimentary Portraits for These Great Authors: James Arthur Baldwin, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Willa Cather, Geoffrey Chaucer, Dante Alighieri, William Faulkner, Franz Kafka, Toni Morrison [Chloe Ardelia Wofford], Edgar A. Poe, George Sand [Amantine Aurore Lucile Dupin], Amy Tan, Leo Tolstoy [Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy], Edith Wharton, Walt Whitman, and Virginia Woolf [Adeline Virginia Woolf].



The Chime of the Christmas Angel *
(eBook )

Can’t find the right greeting card for someone on your list? Unable to choose among cards that all look alike? Why not give a heartwarming eBook instead? Reminiscent of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, this captivating short story observes the finest Yuletide traditions and is sure to become a family favorite for holidays to come!

Songs of Christmas
Free, 550 Kb, PDF

Here are lyrics to 86 of the most loved Christmas songs that Robert has assembled. Print selected pages for a songfest around a piano or read from an iPad for an impromptu gathering.


Emma’s Gift from Africa  
(with Timothy W. Lyons)
(available as an
or in hardcover )

Remember when children’s books were not controversial but joyful instead? In this charming true story, Emma’s father, who is visiting Africa, sends her a huge wooden box with holes in it. You and Emma could never have guessed what was inside the box!

Recommended by
Dr. Robert T. Rhode
Byron W. Bernard: The Life of an Extraordinary Engineer
Free, 2.8 Meg, PDF

In this article published in Engineers and Engines Magazine, Robert gives the backstory of his co-authored children’s book entitled Emma’s Gift from Africa. Adult readers who enjoy the book will want to know the true events on which the book is based.


Flyways: A Green Fable for Our Times 
(with Eleanor Y. Stewart)
(available as an eBook
or in hardcover )

Threatened with habitat destruction, sandhill cranes are the main characters of this book, which takes a green approach to help preserve our world.


Desktop Grammarian for Editors  
(with Eleanor Y. Stewart)
(hardcover )

A finalist in the USA Book Awards in the category of business reference, this concise hardcover
book offers current grammar guidelines and numerous tips proven to strengthen prose style. Become an expert in good grammar! Earn a high score on the Praxis for Middle School! A version of this book is available for homeschoolers. The Desktop Grammarian series has a track record of excellent classroom results!


Classic American Steamrollers  
(with Raymond L. Drake)
(paperback )

This book won the Silver Jubilee Certificate awarded by England’s Road Roller Association. You’ll be fascinated by the depth of information about the great steam-powered machines that rolled America’s highways.


Movie of Dan Patch, Pacer, 18961916 


Dan Patch was one of the most famous racehorses of all time. A pacer, he became arguably America’s first sports celebrity. Robert T. Robert’s great grandmother’s brother, Thomas Eleazer Fenton, was the blacksmith who designed a special horseshoe that made the young Dan Patch a winner. Growing up in Pine Village, the same town where Tom and his forge helped an otherwise clumsy horse to victory, Robert heard several stories about Dan Patch, who was originally owned by Dan Messner of nearby Oxford. Robert even has Tom’s original blacksmith sign! Here is a movie made from a 1909 booklet of photographs that, when riffled, made the horse, sulky, and driver (H. C. Hersey) come to life. For readers who want to know more about the renowned harness horse, Robert recommends the book Crazy Good: The True Story of Dan Patch, the Most Famous Horse in America by Charles Leerhsen.


The Harvest Story: Recollections of Old-Time Threshermen
This delightful paperback offers the unforgettable story of wheat threshing at  the turn of the last century.






The Aultman & Taylor Company
Free, 1.1 Meg, PDF

This book by Dr. Lorin E. Bixler was edited by Dr. Robert T. Rhode and serialized beginning in The Iron-Men Album Magazine in 2000 and continuing in Steam Traction from 2001 through 2003. To improve readability, Robert’s editing marks were deleted starting in 2001. This document is provided for readers who want a source of the book in one place, not spread across many magazines, and who desire to see where Robert edited Lorin’s typescript. For years, Robert had heard rumors about an unpublished manuscript giving the history of the Aultman & Taylor Company. Some said Lorin had planned to write the book but quit midway in his research. Others claimed he had begun composing the manuscript but had not finished it. George W. Richey of Norwich, Ohio, told Robert that the typescript of the finished but unedited book was in Mansfield. This was exciting news! To a steam enthusiast, paging through Lorin’s pages was like discovering a lost city of gold.

A List of 65 Recommended Agricultural Readings
Free, 750 Kb, PDF

A Few Books on Farming and on Transportation History
Biographies of People Connected to Agricultural Steam Power
Books for Children
Books on the History of Agricultural Steam Power
Books on the Application of Steam to Farming and Related Pursuits
Books on Implements and Gasoline Tractors
Books Published During the Agricultural Steam Era
Reading for Fun

Robert’s 30 Complimentary Greeting Cards

One of the farmland values with which Robert was raised was to make things himself. He frequently designs his own greeting cards using his art and his photography. Occasionally, he borrows an illustration from an old-time magazine. Having worked as an illustrator, he enjoys creating visual expressions. Here are several of his cards that you can make. Simply print them, fold them, and write your note on the inside! 

In Poes Skin
Free, 350 Kb, PDF

For over a decade, Robert performed a play that he wrote to portray the life and writing of Edgar A. Poe. In this essay, Robert reminisces about his years on stage and, in the process, offers several insights into Poe.


Suggestions for Writers
Free, 65 Kb, PDF

Robert and participants in his writing workshop offer ideas for writers to consider in this complimentary download, which can be used to stimulate discussion or inspire creativity.

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